• Platform iOS (iPad only)
  • Features PLAY the huge campaign with 10+ hours playtime ****PLAY again with different party combinations ****ENDLESS replay value (random drops, random enemies) ****PLAY with 3 different classes for each race: ****Minotaur: Berserker, Gladiator, Bull ****Elf: Assassin, Ranger, Archer ****Dwarf: Miner, Draftsman, Engineer ****Human: Light, Matter, Void ****IMMERSE yourself into the deep story line ****ENJOY the 40+ skills ****BUILD bombard, crossbow and scythe towers ****LAY spike traps, stone traps and decoy bombs ****GATHER 100+ items ****GAIN 30+ unique items ****FIGHT brutal boss mobs ****SURVIVE gigantic battles ****USE the tactical pause (20 or 60 seconds) ****LISTEN to philosophical pest zombies ****DEFEAT the really BIG DRAGON RAARTAARK ****LOOK upon the great artwork ****CHOOSE from 3 difficulty settings ****CONNECT to GameCenter ****GET 41 achievements ****SCORE on the 4 single maps with leaderboards ****AUTO and MANUAL save

"It's pretty rare to see an iOS strategy game that not only has a captivating story, sound gameplay mechanics, and challenging difficulty, but also manages to accomplish all this while not being a tower defense derivative. Companions manages to achieve all this and more, and leads to a great experience for those iPad owners looking to try out a real strategy game."

Companions drags together the best of bigger console titles (story, character, length) and the best of the handheld world (touch-screen controls, single iPad multiplayer) into one cohesive, extremely fun game. No joke: If you don't like the game after level 1 or 2, you probably just hate fun games. Download this one soon.

"Companions makes good use of the iPad to give complete command over any melee situation, has a detailed storyline, and plenty of challenges to keep oneself immersed for hours!"


Lead the four Companions to their destiny. Battles of epic magnitude await you on your way down towards the catacombs of Mentzel and the lava chambers of the volcano Eaneum.
Hordes of evil and strange creatures with nothing but hatred and death in their minds will do everything in their power to stop the Companions!

Altland may well be thrown into another devastating war. You are the only one able to guide the Companions safely through the storm that threatens to engulf the world!

The dangers are potent and manyfold. MAY UROORG BE WITH YOU!


Altland is in danger. The dark god Detexx is on the rise again, ready to plunge Altland into eternal darkness.

People are vanishing and rumour has it, that strange creatures roam the land. Unbeknown to each other our four heroes begin their quests in the catacombs of Mentzel.

You have to unriddle the evil plans of the dark god and do everything in your power to stop the "Hordes of Nether"!

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