Clic Flow - Match Color Lines

  • Platform iOS, Android
  • Features Brain stimulating gameplay***Relaxing yet engaging***Unlimited hours of fun***Clean, colorful graphics***Beautiful sound effects



Clic Flow - Match Color Lines is a simple yet addictive puzzle game.

Connect line upon line and feel the satisfaction when your plan succeeds. Match pipes of the same colour or match different colors.


Allow your thinking to gently drift into flow mode and let your brain go click. This meditative game will surely get you into puzzle mania heaven!


What are you waiting for? It' s free, it's great - it's puzzle time!


Here's how it works:

Start a line at one of the connectors at the edge of the board and start building it. Complete lines by ending them at any other connector. The longer the line, the better. Additionally single-colored lines earn more points than multicolored ones.

No time limit, no color match needed. Sounds too easy? Well, how hard it gets depends only on you. Enjoy letting your mind wander into the flow, tickle your brain and relax while you experience the satisfying free gameplay of Clic Flow - Match Color Lines.

Start your Clic Flow addiction now!

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