Battle Series: Air Battle

  • Platform iOS, Android
  • Features Based on the rules of Battleship***Cool illustration***Classic, timeless gameplay***Play online against your friends***Compete against friends over WiFi***Ranking system with achievements***Free and translated to 13 languages

Let the Air Battle begin!

Sirens are wailing, the enemy air fleet is approaching. Take control of the command center and coordinate the air defense in your area. It's up to you to intercept the enemy aircrafts and destroy them.

Air Battle brings the classic "Sea Battle" game (also known as Battleship) to your smartphone or tablet in a cool blueprint look. The game offers everything that made the classic so popular. Defeat plane after plane and rise through the ranks - from Basic Airman up to General.

Pit yourself against the computer or your friends and prove you have the makings of a real commander. If you're looking for a fun, fast-paced battleship-style game - look no further.

Imagine yourself in charge of the flight deck on the Zeppelin aircraft carrier, as pilot in a ultra fast rocket plane, gun crewman on an high altitude heavy bomber, commander of a prototype UFO or the flight leader of a pair of deadly tactical bombers.

Do your duty on all the planes of your grand armada, take command of the aerial forces at your disposal and place your aircrafts in perfect formation. Destroy the enemy in a blitz of tactical prowess. Be prepared for combat, Commander!

This app is perfect if you travel or to bring back wonderful childhood memories. Your pocket aircrafts are always ready to fight boredom.

The game is part of smuttlewerk's "Battle Series" of games, consisting of Fleet Battle, Air Battle, Space Battle and Land Battle. All of said games are cross-playable in multiplayer mode. Sink the enemy fleet with your bombers or destroy incoming spaceships with the might of your naval forces - it's up to you!


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